Washington Traffic Laws

A traffic violation is a violation of a traffic law or laws. They serve to protect the driving public as a whole, and must be obeyed no matter the circumstances. If you are caught disobeying a traffic law, you will be punished accordingly. If it is a minor offense, you will receive a ticket with a fine that is meant to dissuade you from doing so again. If it is a criminal offense, then you could face severe penalties, including jail time.

In Washington, if you are charged with any type of traffic violation, you must address it within a 30-day period. Drivers are assessed points for each violation they commit, and if too many points are accumulated within a certain span of time, drivers may lose their privilege to operate a vehicle.

Note: Washington was the first state to make texting and driving illegal. The state is also strict in regards to child passenger's safety, as well as regulations for how to share the road with bicyclists.