Driving Records

Driving records reveal driving citations, convictions, points, accidents and also if a driver is considered a "safe driver." Your driving history does affect your insurance premiums, so it is in your best interest to abide by the road rules and understand how the Washington points system works.

The point scale in Washington ranges from one to 24. You are assessed one point for offenses such as parking in an improper parking space, or failing to display license plates. Speeding tickets can incur three points on your license. Criminal offenses can call for automatic revocation of your license, such as leaving the scene of an accident involving injury or death, or, fleeing from law enforcement in a motor vehicle.

Each full year that passes without adding points to your driving record, two will be removed. An additional way of removing points is by completing and passing a state-approved Defensive Driving Course two points will then be removed. All points are wiped off a record after three years without a moving violation.