Emissions Testing

Emissions Testing is required in the following Washington state counties:

  • Clark County
  • King County
  • Pierce County
  • Snohomish County
  • Spokane County

Which vehicles are required to have the emissions test in Washington?

Any Light duty truck or gasoline-operated car less than 35 years old needs to pass an emissions test every year before its registration is renewed.

In accordance with the 1990 Clean Air Act, all vehicles were equipped with On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) systems in 1996. As a result, most vehicles manufactured before 1996 and all vehicles manufactured before 1994 are exempt from an OBD emissions check. They are required to pass a safety inspection on an annual basis, though.

Hybrid vehicles with 50 miles per gallon city-driving are exempt from the emissions test requirement.

Where do I take my car for an emissions test?

There are 16 emissions-testing centers located in the five counties that require emissions testing. You can find one near you by visiting the Washington Department of Ecology website or calling the division of air quality at 360-407-6800.