NOTICE: A driver's license will help get you to a job, but a commercial driver's license will help start your career as a commercial driver.

CDL Manuals Washington

Becoming a commercial driver is the beginning of a new, prosperous career choice. To get started, you will need to complete a CDL written, driving and visual test.

First, access the Washington Commercial Driver's License Manual. This book is stocked with important information that you must know, including sections on skid control and vehicle inspection to braking and accident procedures.

Pay particular attention to the section in the manual concerning disqualifications and violations. They may not all be on the written test; however knowing these consequences like the back of your hand will prevent your CDL license from getting suspended.

CDL practice tests are another excellent tool to make use of. There is no better resource to show you how much you have learned so far. Not only does it allow you to see the areas that you're still struggling in, but it also shows you your strengths, demonstrating that there are certain sections that you don't have to study anymore.